PWN3d, Security

That one guy…

Whats going on?

This post wont be too long, I just wanted to publicly shame people who attempted to do anything “phishy” to my blog. So here goes.

I receive notifications when something is going on, and I noticed I had a few of these:


So why are you trying to log into my blog as “admin” Let me dump some of your info and see if that will stop you 🙂

Looks as though this IP address is involved in a lot of shit: 

IP address
Host name
IP range – CIDR
ISP PE Tetyana Mysyk
Organization PE Tetyana Mysyk
Country Ukraine (UA)
Time zone
Local time
Postal Code

  • Ie

    Hey! This user create account on my site as Administrator & delete a lot of pages.
    I`m in Ukraine now & know there is tis adress in Kyiv.

    How can help with search this people? Who are they? What means this adress?